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Buy Vitadiet Chromium Chloride Description Multivitamin Fat Reduction TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS PRODUCT PROMOTION ENSURES THE CONTRIBUTION OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS VITADIET is the only micronutrient supplement designed to burn fat and maintain muscle mass in athletes who want to lose weight. VITADIET containing chromium chloride and L-carnitine have been tested in several studies effectively resulting fat reductions of 3% to 5%. PowerGym VITADIET of further provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals that help the smooth functioning of the metabolism and ensure 100% RDA (RDA) which rules out any shortcomings when following a weight loss diet. Studies conducted at the University of Louisiana showed that a formula as to the VITA DIET obtain appreciable results in men and women in terms of increased muscle mass between 2.7 and 5 kg. and fat reduction of between 3% and 5%.
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