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Food supplement Redotex, which helps to overcome excess weight and burn annoying fat. The medicine increases metabolism and burns fat.

Generic name: Norpseudoephedrine + Aloin + Tri-iodothyronine + Diazepam

Brand name: Redotex

Country of origin: Mexico

Manufacturer: Medix

The medicine is dispensed in capsules, which helps to quickly condition the Redotex components.


Redotex pills is a powerful detoxification and weight loss formula.


Active substance In 1 capsule Act
Tri-iodothyronine 75 mcg It is a hormone that increases the metabolic rate in users.
Norpseudoephedrine 50 mcg This stimulant is responsible for suppressing appetite thereby aiding in weight management.
Aloin 16.2 mg It is a naturally occurring chemical found on the skin of the Aloe Vera plant that has a laxative effect when consumed orally by humans.
Diazepam 8 mg It is a tranquilizer commonly known as Valium.
Atropine sulfate 0.36 mg It is a respiratory stimulant that relieves allergies.


Redotex action

Redotex increases metabolism, relieves respiratory allergies, acts as a laxative and also as an appetite suppressant. Due to the improved metabolism and detoxification effect, the capsule is expected to improve the digestive system, which in turn will provide more energy by burning fat and calories.

Medical advice: Never start using Redotex Mexico without consulting a specialist.


Redotex is a revolutionary tool that will help you lose those extra pounds. Suitable for everyone who is tired of obesity or fighting cellulite.

How much can you lose weight with Redotex pills

Weight loss varies between individuals. It depends on many factors: initial health, your activity and training, diet, history and concomitant diseases, age. Some losers have managed to lose 2-3 kg in a week (6 lbs in 1 week).

Side effects

Talk to your doctor before taking these tablets.

Redotex Mexico acts individually for each person, depending on age and concomitant pathologies.

Patients taking Redotex as a supplement to their diet have complained of dizziness, headaches and nausea. As with any person who is losing weight, you may experience a lack of energy and excessive fatigue.

More serious adverse reactions such as high blood pressure or psychos can also occur. In this case, contact your doctor immediately.

Redotex can cause gastrointestinal upset in some patients, diarrhea is possible. Stop taking Redotex if you experience any adverse reactions.

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Do not take Redotex weight loss pills if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Be sure to check with your pharmacist because Redotex diet pills may increase the risk of developing other diseases or adverse reactions.

The drug is not approved:

  • Children under 18
  • For pregnant women
  • Women during lactation
  • People with heart disease
  • People with high blood pressure
  • Contraindicated for long-term use

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Dosage and method of using Redotex diet pills

Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to take Redotex, improper treatment can harm your health. It is not recommended to take the medicine for a long time, more than 12 weeks a year. Adult dose 1 capsule with breakfast every day for 3 weeks, then take a break for 7 days.


schedule Indication
1-3 week Take one tablet in Redotex Mexico a day
4 week Break from taking medication
5- 7 week Take one capsule of the medication daily
8 week Break from taking supplements
9-11 weeks Take one tablet daily
12 week Break from taking capsules

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Special Instructions weight loss pills

Follow all directions on the prescription label and read all medication guides or directions.

Avoid drinking alcohol as it can cause unwanted side reactions and harm your health.

Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.

Remember! That no one can replace a balanced diet with adequate protein intake and physical activity.

Where to buy Redotex diet pill online?

You can buy Redotex without a prescription in the Unites States from our online pharmacy at market prices. Delivery throughout the country.

How to take redotex diet pill?

The food supplement Redotex weight loss pills for accelerating metabolism and burning fat is taken once a day with meals. The tablets are taken in a course of no longer than 12 weeks.

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Nombre genérico: norpseudoefedrina + Aloína + triyodotironina + Diazepam

Marca: Redotex

¿Qué está haciendo Redotex?

Complemento alimenticio Redotex, que ayuda a superar el exceso de peso, acelerar el metabolismo y quemar grasas. Debe consultar a su médico antes de tomar estos comprimidos.

¿Cuánto peso perderé con Redotex ¿Qué resultados puede esperar de Redotex ?

La pérdida de peso varía de una persona a otra. Depende de muchos factores: salud inicial, tu actividad y entrenamiento, dieta, antecedentes y enfermedades concomitantes, edad. Algunos perdedores han podido perder 2-3 kg por semana (6 libras en 1 semana) con Redotex México.

¡Recuerda! Que nadie puede sustituir una dieta equilibrada con una adecuada ingesta proteica y actividad física.

¿Cómo tomar retodex?

Asegúrese de familiarizarse con cómo tomar Redotex, un tratamiento inadecuado puede dañar su salud. No se recomienda tomar el medicamento durante mucho tiempo, más de 12 semanas al año. Adultos dosis 1 cápsula con desayuno todos los días durante 3 semanas, luego tomar un descanso de 7 días

¿Cuáles son los efectos secundarios de Redotex?

Redotex actúa de forma individual para cada persona, en función de la edad y patologías concomitantes.

Los pacientes que toman Redotex como complemento de su dieta se han quejado de mareos, dolores de cabeza y náuseas. Al igual que con cualquier persona que está perdiendo peso, es posible que experimente falta de energía y fatiga excesiva.

También pueden ocurrir reacciones adversas más graves como presión arterial alta o psicosis. En este caso, contacte con su médico inmediatamente.

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Asegúrese de familiarizarse con cómo tomar Redotex , un tratamiento inadecuado puede dañar su salud.

¿Dónde comprar Redotex online?

Puede comprar Redotex sin receta en los Estados Unidos en nuestra farmacia en línea a precios de mercado. Entrega a todo el país.

¿Cómo tomar la píldora dietética redotex?

El complemento alimenticio Redotex para acelerar el metabolismo y quemar grasas se toma 1 vez al día con las comidas. Los comprimidos se toman en un curso de no más de 12 semanas.

¿Qué precio? ¿Cuánto cuesta Redotex 30 cápsulas?

Compre 30 cápsulas de Redotex – El curso de 1 mes se puede comprar en nuestra farmacia en línea a precio de mercado.

Deje su reseña de Redotex en nuestro sitio web para que otros pacientes la lean.

Redotex may include several prescription components. Includes Norpseudophedrine, Atropine, Aloin, Diazepam, and Tri-iodothyronine. Some of these ingredients are known stimulants and may work to increase metabolism. Diazepam, on the other hand, is said to be a depressant. Redotex is designed to increase metabolism and potentially decrease appetite. These two actions are common in such weight loss aids, as they create a caloric deficit and can speed. Because of the ingredients, Redotex seems to work in a variety of ways. Liothyronine Sodium works by stimulating the thyroid gland and is a synthetic form of two hormones created by that gland. The thyroid is responsible for weight gain and loss. On the other hand, Norpseudoephedrine is a stimulant that works to reduce appetite and is a tightly regulated substance currently banned in several countries.

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