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Buy Esbeltex Konjac food supplement helps control or lose weight. Esbeltex should be taken as an adjunct to a calorie restricted diet.

Brand name: Esbeltex.

Generic name: Konjac.

Country of origin: Mexico.

The package contains 120 capsules, which is calculated for 20 days.

Esbeltex composition:

Konjac (Glucomannan) – is one of the few plants that contains large amounts of coarse fiber.

Active substance In 1 capsule Esbeltex
Konjac (Glucomannan) 500 mg


Indications for Esbeltex use. Why take Amorphophallus konjac supplement?

Dietary fiber helps reduce appetite and increases food satiety. Water-soluble fiber is recommended for overweight people. Esbeltex Konjac not only helps to lose excess weight, but also improves health. Fiber is known to eliminate bad cholesterol. Konjac also has many health benefits. The body spends much more energy on the digestion of plant fiber than on ordinary food. Due to the effective reduction in appetite, patients do not experience the stress of diet and exercise. Remember that supplementation and diet and exercise are required to improve health and shape. In the USA, Esbeltex is sold in our Mexican online pharmacy.

How does Esbeltex Konjac work?

After using Esbeltex, patients feel much less hunger within 10 minutes. As a result, it provokes a person to eat much less. It turns out that with practically no calories, you get a feeling of fullness.

Method of administration and dosage

The Mexican manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules 3 times a day with plenty of water, preferably 1-2 glasses. After applying Esbeltex, after 10 minutes, the water-soluble fiber swells and turns into a dense gel, which imitates a food lump, signaling to your brain that you have already eaten. To combat excess weight, it is recommended to drink them in courses of 1-2 months, after which you need to take a break for several weeks. It is better to start with 1 capsule a day before breakfast, if your health does not worsen and you respond well to the food supplement, then you can increase it to 6 tablets a day.

Research and results from the use of Esbeltex

The influence of konjac on body weight was studied by American scientists. The experimental group was divided into two parts: some of the subjects took glucomannan for two months, others – a placebo. The diet remained the same, physical activity was also not provided. The results of the experiment surprised even doctors: the part of the group taking konjac lost an average of 8 kg in two months, while the other subjects lost only about 1 kg.

Benefits of Esbeltex Konjac over other diet pills

  • Natural and safe for health supplement;
  • Sold without a prescription;
  • Effectively cleanses the intestines (reduces the risk of constipation, diarrhea, and rectal cancer);
  • Reduces cholesterol levels;
  • Fiber is gluten free;
  • Reduces blood sugar levels;
  • Forms healthy intestinal microflora;
  • Delayed absorption of fats;
  • Weight loss;
  • Feeling of satiety (stable mood, lack of stress while dieting).

Esbeltex Konjac excellent Mexican facility, in order to improve health and reduce weight. Suitable for people who find it difficult to follow a diet. Also, for patients suffering from insulin resistance, high cholesterol and sugar, obesity.

Medical advice: Esbeltex Konjac fiber can reduce the absorption of other drugs, so if you are undergoing other treatments, consult your doctor for advice and other information.


Esbeltex is an analogue of ordinary plant fiber, which doctors recommend using for weight loss. Thus, there are some contraindications to its use: gaster, colitis, or other inflammatory gastrointestinal tract (GIT and certainly with bleeding)

Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 10 years of age. It is best to consult a doctor and take capsules under the guidance of a specialist.

Side effects of Esbeltex

Non-lethal reactions can occur due to the personal characteristics of the organism and Konjac intolerance. Also, if it is wrong to take supplements and do not drink capsules with large amounts of water. Severe constipation and bloating can then occur.


Where can you buy Esbeltex Konjac in the USA?

Supplements are sold over the counter in Mexico and the United States. You can order Esbeltex dietary fiber online in our pharmacy at market prices.

¿Cómo funciona Esbeltex?

El complemento alimenticio Esbeltex Konjac ayuda a controlar o adelgazar. Esbeltex debe tomarse como complemento de una dieta restringida en calorías.

Después de usar Esbeltex, después de 10 minutos, la fibra soluble en agua se hincha y se convierte en un gel denso, que imita un bulto de comida, lo que le indica a su cerebro que ya ha comido.

Esbeltex Konjac es un excelente remedio mexicano para mejorar la salud y reducir el peso. Indicado para personas a las que les cuesta seguir una dieta. También para pacientes que sufren de resistencia a la insulina, colesterol alto y azúcar, obesidad.

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